Berkesan Ke Set Shape Up Shaklee Tu?

Katanya dengan Set Shaklee Shape Up, anda dapat menikmati hidup baru yang hebat dengan menghilangkan lemak berlebihan. Selain tu antara Kebaikan Set Shape Up adalah

Badan yang langsing dan rapi
Nampak lebih anggun
Rasa unggul
Rasa lebih bertenaga
Meningkatkan keyakinan diri
Meningkatkan kesihatan secara menyeluruh

Cinch Shake Mix(765 Grams)
Cinch Energy Tea Mix(28 Sachets)
Lecithin (180 Capsules)
Herb-Lax (120 Tablets)

Berkesan ke Set Shape Up Shaklee tu?

I started using Shaklee’s Cinch® inch-loss program almost on a whim, with hopes that it would work, but accepting that, regardless of the outcome, I’d still love myself.
That attitude is, in part, why I think I was able to stick with Cinch. I didn’t start in a moment of desperation. I didn’t start it wanting to get into a bikini. I was just hoping to get healthier and break my habit of eating too much convenience food. So I was determined to be thankful for the opportunity, regardless of the outcome.

The outcome, thus far, is a 40.5-pound(~18KG) weight loss and a total loss of 22 inches in five months.* And I am amazed.

When I first started the challenge and I started seeing the pounds drop, I was so excited and so proud of myself! Since giving birth to my five children I was starting to feel good about my body. I knew I still had work to do, but I was starting to see results! I really must thank the other bloggers for their motivation and cheering, as they have all been instrumental in helping each other out. And Sommer, our mentor, is the best! (I have to throw that out there because she is always here for us when we need her and I swear she never sleeps!)
So where am I today? In 4½ months I am 25 pounds(~11KG) lighter*, have lost over 28 inches, and feel amazing! I am so much more confident and have so much energy!
The Shaklee Cinch diet has been more than a diet for me, it has truly changed my life.

Well, another month has flown by and I’m here to update you on my progress. I’ve lost 14 pounds(~16KG) and 21.38 inches since I started, and while I have a ways to go before reaching my 60 pound goal, I am motivated to keep going.

*I am down 4 pant sizes!!
*I can run up a flight or two of stairs and not feel as though I am having a near-death experience
*I am not as fatigued as I once was. Tired isn't just a way of life, its the way of an unhealthy life
Thanks Shaklee for believing in me when no one else did. Your confidence in me has been a life-changer!

Jacqui McCoy achieved an incredible transformation on ABC's Extreme Makeover:
Weight Loss Edition!

• Lost 207 pounds in one year
• Worked off 58% of her body weight (highest percentage lost in TV history)
• Joined the Extreme Makeover team to coach Season 3 contestants

Jacqui's diet and fitness regimen was prescribed by her coaches on Extreme Makeover. Jacqui also is a passionate advocate for Shaklee products, and her nutritional needs have been supported by her use of Shaklee Nutrition products, including Shaklee Vitalizer and OmegaGuard.

Gabungan hebat Set Langsing Badan terdiri daripada

* Membakar lemak berlebihan dalam badan
* Menurunkan paras kolesterol
* Memberi rasa kenyang dan mengawal selera makan

Herb lax
* Detox membuang toksin yang menjadi salah satu punca utama diet gagal
* Detox membuang lemak yang dibakar oleh lecithin keluar dari badan
* Membantu pergerakkan usus secara semulajadi
* Mengempiskan perut
* Mengatasi masalah sembelit

Cinch Shake
* Memelihara otot bagi meningkatkan pembakaran lemak
* Memelihara jisim otot agar badan tidak menggeleber apabila lemak berlebihan dalam badan hilang
* Mengawal nafsu untuk makan senang cerita rase kenyang jer
* Meningkatkan metabolisma.

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