10 Sebab : Kenapa Dengan Shaklee?

Bila mana saya mula mengamalkan Shaklee, saya rasakan perubahan yang ketara. Ada sesetengah orang mencemuh, katanya saya terlalu 'gila' pada Shaklee. Ya saya memang gilakan kesan produk Shaklee pada saya! Rupanya ada 10 sebab kenapa Shaklee begitu menggilakan saya dan juga puluhan ribuan pengguna di dalam Malaysia serta luar negara. Nak tahu apakah faktor kegilaan tersebut? Ada 10 sebab kenapa Shaklee berkesan dan begitu menjadikan kami pengguna Shaklee begitu sukakan produk Shaklee.

1. Shaklee conducts over 100,000 tests annually to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products.

2. Each and every lot of Shaklee Products is 100% tested to ensure and guarantee that each and every ingredient that is part of our label claims is present in the appropriate amounts.

3. All ingredients in Shaklee products are qualified under the incredibly stringent Shaklee protocol, unique in the industry, which tests for up to 350 chemical contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, solvent residues, etc.

4. Our Shaklee Scientists create formulations so that the key active ingredients are included at clinically efficacious levels, often significantly higher than many companies in the market.

5. Each product is formulated with nutritional ingredients that have been extensively studied to confirm safety and efficacy. Our products do not follow “fads,” but incorporate scientific and/or epidemiologic evidence of need and benefit.

6. Shaklee employs advanced delivery systems to enhance bioavailability – and these systems are tested to confirm their nutrient delivery advantages.

7. All ingredients must be acceptable from the standpoint of the Shaklee philosophy, as well as detailed scrutiny as to their safety. We do not simply accept the Certificate of Analysis that many other companies accept, but rather retest for contaminants to confirm the Certificate of Analysis is accurate.

8. Shaklee has an unwavering commitment to avoid the use of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and added preservatives. We use only non-genetically modified soy protein.

9. Shaklee developed many of the standards and protocols for manufacturing that are now referred to as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

10. Ongoing proof of our product performance is demonstrated by:
• Over 100 scientific publications, 90-plus in peer-reviewed journals
• The Landmark Study, the only study of its kind, which showed that people who took Shaklee supplements over a period of 20 years had markedly better health than both single-multivitamin and nonsupplement users
• Shaklee products powering athletes to win 125 medals
• Shaklee products fueling world explorers,

7 of Time-Life’s “Greatest Adventures of All Time,” and NASA Shuttle astronauts with a special rehydration product (called Astro-Ade). Add to this list our accomplishments and awards in the area of environmental leadership and responsibility, and you will see why I am truly proud to be part of this company, where integrity, quality and social responsibility are our standards, and where making people and the planet healthier is our mission.

Mak Shaklee saya iaitu NinjaPah dah publish entri pasal Landmark Study di blog beliau http://www.ninjapah.com/2015/04/shaklee-landmark-study-pertama.html

• Kajian ini adalah yang PERTAMA seumpanya dan bertujuan untuk melihat keselamatan dan keberkesanan pengambilan suplemen untuk jangka masa panjang – Tiada siapa yang pernah melakukan kajian seperti ini melainkan Shaklee.
• Pengguna produk Shaklee mempunyai level nutrisi dalam darah yang lebih baik–Terbukti produk Shaklee adalah bioavailable di mana ia mampu diserap dan digunakan oleh tubuh dengan baik.
• Pengguna Shaklee mempunyai biomarkers of disease risk yang lebih baik –Terbukti menggunakan Shaklee, anda boleh mengurangkan risiko dari penyakit.
• Pengguna Shaklee mempunyai kadar penyakit yang lebih rendah–Terbukti menggunakan Shaklee anda boleh meningkatkan taraf kesihatan anda.
• Pengguna Shaklee memberi nilai kesihatan mereka lebih baik dan terbaik – Terbukti anda mampu hidup lebih sihat.
• Tiada risiko yang dikaitkan dengan pengambilan suplemen Shaklee –Terbukti produk Shaklee adalah selamat untuk penggunaan jangka masa panjang!

Jadi tiada sebab lagi untuk kami menggilai produk, kesan dan manfaat Shaklee. Dan kami juga inginkan anda semua mendapat manfaat serta kebaikan produk Shaklee. Kerana ianya sentiasa berkesan, sentiasa selamat dan sentiasa semulajadi!

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