Dulu Benci Shaklee, Sekarang Sayang Sangat !

Ramai orang suruh aku ambik Shaklee dari dulu lagi tapi aku degil sebab aku tak suka makan pill.

Sekarang badan dah sakit (you are no longer young. You were pregnant twice and with breastfeeding some more. So jangan perasan kuat) and I am still working like a non pregnant lady.

Had bad Flu for 3 weeks but not a day I took off. Pffttt to those who came for MC when you had no fever, should feel inferior.

But I felt so tired each day. Getting worse. I feel like all I have left was just iron spirit and motivation only, no physical strength. It hit me.

You are lacking of nutrients dear. So, I digged up my old Shaklee's vitamins. I digged my Obimin as well. Took them regularly. Felt improvement but they weren't Calcium. Still don't feel complete.

You can ask my husband how he had to wake up at night whenever I cried in pain due to muscle cramps. I have fear in my sleep and I am scared to move because I can have cramps anytime.

Today is the second day of taking ESP with Osteomatrix.

I wasn't somebody who really believed in things. Deep inside, I might be skeptical because that was the old me but I was very hopeful. If this doesn't help me, my

God, I have to live in this backpain and exhaustion until perhaps after confinement?

Drank it. Took all the supplements from Shaklee.

Working 9a.m.-10.30 p.m. 2 days straight.
Driving Wangsa Maju- Cyberjaya at 30 weeks pregnant. And still, I feel surprisingly fine. If not, I would have whatsapped my staffs in the group telling them how I feel like dying hehehe. That I wanna go find the nearest bed. Please.

So Shaklee is not cock and bull story. It really works. Padan muka aku. Tak caya kan????

Dulu action sgt. Hmmmm (muka sinis, mata kenyit sebelah) Tak sangka ye. Menepati kata-kata Shaklee iaitu Sentiasa Berkesan, Sentiasa Selamat dan Setiasa Semulajadi.

Nak menikmati discount 20-30% harga produk? Semestinya boleh. Dengan register ahli Shaklee. Hanya RM 79.00 pendaftaran sekali untuk seumur hidup


Jika anda mendaftar ahli Shaklee bulan ini dan membeli produk lain, anda akan mendapat multivitamin Vita-Lea yang sudah berusia 100 tahun daripada Shaklee secara PERCUMA !!

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