Mengapa MealShakes dikatakan berkhasiat untuk kanak-kanak sehinggalah kepada warga emas? Berikut 7 fakta tentang Meal Shakes.

1. Complete Nutrient's – Provides 24 types of A to Z essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. Deficiency in trace minerals will affects the absorption of vitamins and causes inactive enzymes. It also contains soy lecithin that works hand-in-hand with fat soluble vitamins.

2. Supplies Key nutrient to cells – Rich in protein (contain no lactose) that helps in forming skin, nails, hair, organs, blood, immunised cells etc.

3. Aids in Growing Up – Contains folic acid, biotin, rich in calcium and magnesium that are needed for building bones and cells in the growing up process.

4. Anti-Oxidants - Contains vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium which are the anti-oxidant components for anti-ageing.

5. Restore skin complexion – Contains complete vitamin B-Complex, iron, copper to form healthy red blood cells, thus improves the skin colour complexion.

6. Detoxification - Rich in soluble fibre that helps the (peristalsis of colon and stomach/bowel movement) to excrete excess fat and waste from the colon and stomach.

7. Great Taste for young and old – Delicious drink with natural fructose; quick replenishment of the necessary nutrients for the body; contain no artificial colouring and artificial sugar.

Itulah 7 fakta & 7 sebab utk anda belikan anak anda Meal Shakes ni.

Shaklee Meal Shakes - Fast Food, No Guilt!

With their on-the-go lives, kids don’t always have time for a sit-down meal. That’s why they need fast food options that are also good for them – choices such as low-fat, low-glycemic Shaklee Meal Shakes. These great-tasting, easy-to-mix drinks pack extra nutrition into any meal or snack. They provide 19 essential vitamins and minerals, and when prepared as directed they’re a rich source of calcium and protein – the fundamental nutrients that growing kids and teens need to stay strong and healthy. A nonsoy protein choice. *Sumber : Shaklee .

MealShakes berperisa vanilla dan sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur. Boleh dijadikan menu sarapan
yang lengkap.

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